Tips and Tricks

Installing Java on Windows (64-bit)

Visit the Official Oracle website and follow the steps to install JDK on your Windows 64-bit machine.

The Right Text Editor for Java Programming

Visit the Sublime Text Editor website to download and install the best text editor for writing/editing Java programs after you have installed Java on your machine.

Recommended Books on Java

  • ICSE Computer Applications by Sumita Arora for Class 10.
  • ISC Computer Science by Sumita Arora for Class 11.
  • ISC Computer Science by Sumita Arora for Class 12.
  • Head First Java by Kathy Sierra for an in-depth knowledge on Java Programming.

Installing GW-BASIC on Windows 10

Visit this link to download and install PC-BASIC, which is identical to GW-BASIC. It can be installed on newer systems as it supports Windows 7, 10.