Class 5

Class 5 Computers Final Term Sample Question Paper 2019

Question 1
Fill in the blanks:
a) ________ is a slide that allows the same font and images to be applied to all slides.
b) ________ can store a sequence of characters.
c) A dongle is also referred to as ________.
d) ________ is a special set of manners that need to be followed while using the Internet.
e) A ________ transmits the data signals through the air instead of a cable.

Question 2
Give the full forms:
a) Modem
c) ISP
e) LAN

Question 3
Define the following (attempt any four):
a) PowerPoint
b) Web address
c) WWW
d) Website
e) E-mail

Question 4
Application-based Questions:
a) Ayesha has learnt about the Internet in school. She wants to search the Internet for information on “Safe drive, save life” for a competition.
i) Give one difference between search engine and web browser.
ii) While moving through a website, Ayesha noticed that the mouse pointer changes to a hand symbol when the cursor was brought near some text. What is such text called and define it.
iii) Give two examples for the following:
a) Web browser
b) ISP
iv) What is the main aim of designing  ARPANET?
b) Rohit has created a presentation on “SCHOOL FETE” and he wants to do the following tasks:
i) Rearrange the multiple sequential slides.
ii) Modify the theme i.e. to change the colors and effects.
iii) To delete a placeholder in slide 4.
iv) Name the TAB and GROUP to select slide master.

Question 5
Basic Programs:

1. Write a program to input the radius of a circular field and calculate its area and circumference. Display the result.
Area = 3.14 × R2
Circumference = 2 × 3.14 × R
2. Write a program to input the value of U, A, T and calculate and display the value of S, when S = UT + 1/2AT2.
3. Write a program to assign the words of “My school is the best school” and print the message in the following pattern:


School          is
Thebest         school

4. Print the following pattern by assigning the characters:


5. Write a program to assign a number to A, 4 in B and input the value of C. And perform the following:
a) Sum of the square of A and C.
b) Half of the product of (a) and B.

Question 6
Write the BASIC statements for the following:
a) Assign the product of p, q, and r in C.
b) Input the marks of three subjects.
c) Assign today’s date.
d) Assign sum of A, thrice of B and twice of C in Q.
e) Print the word “ASANSOL” using semicolon.

Question 7
Find the output for the following programs:

10 CLS
20 LET N = 2
30 LET B = N ^ 2
40 LET C = (B + N) / 2
70 END


10 CLS
20 LET L = 4
30 LET B = 3
40 LET H = 2
50 LET A = L ^ 2 + H ^ 3 - B ^ 2
60 LET S = A / 2
70 PRINT "Calculate = "; A
80 PRINT "Solution = "; S
90 END

Question 8
Evaluate the expressions:
a) When a = 1, b = 2, c = 1
Find ((a3 + 3ab2) / 2c)
b) When x = 1, y = 2
Find (((x23y) / 3x)y)y

Question 9
Debug the following:
a) LET 9M = TCF
b) LET CLS = 20 × 3 + 5
d) Input K = “EVEREST”