Class 7

Tables, Links, and Forms in HTML

Fill in the blanks:

  1. A table is a grid of rows and columns.
  2. We use the <th> tag to add headings to a table.
  3. The <caption> tag is used to add a title to a table.
  4. Cell spacing is the space between cells of a table.
  5. The <a> tag can make text into a hyperlink.
  6. type is an attribute of the <form> tag.
  7. The <textarea> tag is used to create a field on a form to input several lines of text.

True or False:

  1. A table arranges data in rows and columns. TRUE
  2. A table on a web page makes data easier to read. TRUE
  3. To add columns to an HTML table, use the <td> tag. TRUE
  4. Hyperlinks connect web pages to each other. TRUE
  5. The default link color in HTML is green. FALSE
  6. The <select> tag is used to create a field on a form to display a list of choices. TRUE
  7. The input field of password type is used to hide the characters that are entered by the user. TRUE

Write one word for the following:

  1. The tag that defines a table in HTML. <table>
  2. The tag that indicates that the cell is a header for a column or row. <th>
  3. An attribute of the <table> tag that is used to set the table background color. BGCOLOR
  4. The value that the BORDER attribute should have to remove the HTML table border. 0
  5. The default color of an active link in HTML. Red

Choose the correct option:

  1. Which attribute defines the space between cells in a table? a) CELLSPACING b) CELLPADDING c) SPACING d) None of these
  2. Which attribute of the <table> tag is used to specify border thickness? a) THICKNESS b) WIDTH c) BORDER d) None of these
  3. What is the default link color in HTML? a) Blue b) Red c) Purple d) None of these
  4. input type = ________ clears the information entered by the user on the form. a) checkbox b) radio c) submit d) reset

Answer the following:

  1. Differentiate between the VLINK and ALINK attributes.
    VLINK (Visited Link) is the color of a link to a page the visitor has visited. ALINK (Active Link) is the color of a link when the mouse is on it.
  2. Can you set an image as hyperlink? Explain with an example.
    Yes, we can set an image as a hyperlink. Example: <a href = “”><img src = “google.png”></a>
  3. List the different attributes of the <table> tag. What are they used for?
    ALIGN attribute sets the table alignment, BGCOLOR attribute sets the background color, BORDER attribute specifies the border thickness in pixels, BORDERCOLOR attribute sets the border color, CELLPADDING sets the distance between cell and content in pixels, CELLSPACING sets the space between cells in pixels, VALIGN sets the vertical alignment for text, WIDTH sets the table width in pixels or percentage of the window size.
  4. What is a <marquee> tag? Name any two of its attributes.
    The <marquee> tag is used to scroll the text horizontally or vertically. The behavior attribute defines the type of scrolling, direction attribute defines the direction of the scrolling content.
  5. Differentiate between radio buttons and check boxes.
    The radio buttons allows the user to select only one of options from a given number of choices. A checkbox is used to select more than one option from a number of choices.

Extra Questions:

  1. Name the three different kinds of links. Internal, Local, Global.
  2. The default color for VLINK is purple.
  3. The default width of a text field is 20 characters.
  4. The drop-down list can be created on a form by using the <select> and <option> tags.
  5. A cell is a shape formed by the intersection of a table row and column.

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