Class 12

Product Sales Inheritance ISC 2017

A superclass Product has been defined to store the details of a product sold by a wholesaler to a retailer. Define a subclass Sales to compute the total amount paid by the retailer with or without fine along with service tax.

Some of the members of both the classes are given below:

Class name: Product
Data member/instance variables:
name: stores the name of the product.
code: integer to store the product code.
amount: stores the total sale amount of the product (in decimals)
Member functions/methods:
Product(String n, int c, double p): parameterized constructor to assign data members name = n, code = c and amount = p.
void show(): displays the details of the data members.

Class name: Sales
Data members/instance variables:
day: stores number of days taken to pay the sale amount.
tax: to store the service tax (in decimals)
totamt: to store the total amount (in decimals)
Member functions/methods:
Sales(…): parameterized constructor to assign values to data members of both the classes.
void compute(): calculates the service tax @ 12.4 % of the actual sale amount. Calculates the fine @ 2.5% of the actual sale amount only if the amount paid by the retailer to the wholesaler exceeds 30 days. Calculates the total amount paid by the retailer as (actual sale amount + service tax + fine)
void show(): displays the data members of superclass and the total amount.

Assume that the super class Product has been defined. Using the concept of inheritance, specify the class Sales giving the details of the constructor, void compute() and void show().

The superclass, main function and algorithm need not be written.

class Sales extends Product{
    int day;
    double tax;
    double totamt;
    public Sales(String n, int c, double p, int d, double a){
        super(n, c, p);
        day = d;
        tax = 0;
        totamt = a;
    public void compute(){
        double fine = 0.0;
        if(day > 30)
            fine = 2.5 / 100 * amount;
        tax = 12.4 / 100 * amount;
        totamt = amount + tax + fine;
    public void show(){;
        System.out.println("Total amount: " + totamt);

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