Class 5

PowerPoint 2013 Presentation Tools

Objective Type Questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

  1. To select multiple sequential slides, click the first slide, press Shift, and then click the last slide.
  2. To select multiple non-sequential slides, press and hold Ctrl while you click each slide.
  3. When you make changes to the Slide Master, they will be applied to all the slides of the presentation.
  4. The Slide Sorter view displays the time of each slide in the presentation.
  5. To insert a chart, click Chart in the Illustrations group on the INSERT tab.

Write T for the true statement and F for the false one.

  1. To modify theme, click the drop-down arrow in Variants group on DESIGN tab. (T)
  2. You can copy a slide from the presentation you are working on or from another presentation. (T)
  3. Rehearse timings is ideal for creating a self-running presentation. (T)
  4. The master slide is the top slide in the thumbnail pane on the left side of the screen. (T)
  5. When you insert a chart, small buttons appear next to its upper-left corner. (F)

Choose the correct option.

Q1. Which one is not a horizontal alignment?
a. Left
b. Center
c. Middle
d. Justify
Q2. To apply a theme on slides, click the ________ tab.
Q3. You can rearrange, copy, or delete slides in ________ view.
a. Normal
b. Slide Sorter
c. Slide Show
d. Both (a) and (b)
Q4. The Slide Master command is present in Master Views group of ________ tab.
Q5. The Chart command is present in ________ group on INSERT tab.
a. Slides
b. Tables
c. Images
d. Illustrations

Descriptive Type Questions

Answer the following.

Q1. How will you insert a text box in a slide?
Step 1: Select the Text Box option from the Text group of the INSERT tab.
Step 2: Move the pointer to the place on the slide where the text box needs to be inserted.
Step 3: Click and drag the mouse on the slide to insert the text box.
Step 4: Release the mouse button when the text box is of the desired size.

Q2. How will you rearrange the slides in a presentation?
We can rearrange slides in the Normal or Slide Sorter view, where we click the thumbnail of the slide that we want to move, and then drag it to the new location.

Q3. What will you do to delete the text box in a slide?
To delete a text box, select it, and press the Delete button on the keyboard.

Q4. What is the use of Rehearse timings feature?
The Rehearse Timings feature is used to record the running time for each slide. The timings are used to run the show automatically while giving a presentation to the audience. This is ideal for creating a self-running presentation.

Q5. What is a slide master? Why is it required?
A slide that allows the same font and image (such as a logo) to be applied to all slides, is a slide master. It is required to create great looking presentations in less time, without a lot of effort.

Extra Questions

Answer the following questions:

Q1. What is a template?
A template is a pre-designed presentation that includes custom formatting and designs.

Q2. Name the various options available in Change Case.
a. Sentence case
b. Lowercase
c. Uppercase
d. Capitalize each word
e. Toggle case

Q3. Name the four different horizontal alignment options.
a. Align Left
b. Center
c. Align Right
d. Justify

Q4. Name the three different vertical alignment options.
a. Top
b. Middle
c. Bottom

Q5. What is a bullet?
A bullet is a dot or a symbol that marks an important line of information.

Q6. Name the three buttons that appear next to the chart’s upper-right corner.
a. Chart Elements
b. Chart Styles
c. Chart Filters

Fill in the blanks:

  1. By default, PowerPoint uses a simple black dot as a bullet.
  2. A numbered list is used for listing when the order of items is important.
  3. A bulleted list is used when the order of items in a list does not matter.
  4. While copying slides, to use the theme of the destination presentation, click Use Destination Theme.
  5. While copying slides, to maintain the theme of the presentation you are copying from, click Keep Source Formatting.
  6. Rehearse Timings option is in Set Up group on the SLIDE SHOW tab.
  7. WordArt is a text-styling feature in Word 2013.
  8. We can insert Online Pictures from Images group of the INSERT tab.
  9. Select No Outline option if you want the outline of the WordArt to be transparent.
  10. The Shapes option is in Illustrations group of the INSERT tab.
  11. The yellow handle in some shapes is used to modify the shapes.

State whether True or False:

  1. You can also convert existing text to WordArt text. (TRUE)
  2. When you select some shapes, you may get a yellow handle. (TRUE)

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