Class 6

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Objective Type Questions

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

  1. A Producer creates goods and services.
  2. Commerce is the buying and selling of products and services, usually for money.
  3. Internet allows banking activities like transferring funds, paying bills, etc., through the Internet.
  4. is an example of E-banking site.
  5. is an example of an E-reservation site.

B. Write T for the true statement and F for the false one. Correct the false statement(s).

  1. E-commerce means online buying of products. (F) (Transactions conducted electronically or through the Internet)
  2. Online buying of products is available 24 × 7. (T)
  3. The cost of providing e-banking infrastructure is very high. (T)
  4. You can withdraw money from ATM machines using ATM cards. (F) (using debit cards)
  5. E-banking facility is available for only five days in a week. (F) (available all days)

C. Choose the correct option.

  1. E-banking is also called:
    a) Online banking
    b) Internet banking
    c) Both a and b
    d) None of these
  2. Which of the following is an/are the advantage(s) of e-banking?
    a) It provides 24 × 7 service.
    b) It saves time.
    c) It helps reduce paperwork.
    d) All of these
  3. The cost of providing e-banking infrastructure is very:
    a) High
    b) Low
    c) No cost
    d) None of these
  4. E-reservations can be done for:
    a) Trains
    b) Airplanes
    c) Cinema
    d) All of these
  5. Which of the following is not true for e-shopping?
    a) You can examine the product physically.
    b) There may be possibility of fraud.
    c) It is available 24 × 7.
    d) None of these.

Descriptive Type Questions

D. Answer the following:

  1. Mention any two advantages of e-commerce.
    a) It is available 24 × 7.
    b) Customers can select the product easily.
  2. Why do some people hesitate to buy products online?
    Customers hesitate to buy products online because they cannot examine the product physically.
  3. What are the various types of e-banking?
    a) Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
    b) Mobile banking
    c) Telephone banking
    d) Internet banking
  4. Mention any two limitations of e-banking.
    a) Security is a major concern.
    b) Infrastructure cost is high.
  5. Name any two popular online shopping sites in India.

Extra Questions:

  1. A blog or a weblog is a website on which articles are posted regularly and displayed in reverse sequential order.
  2. A blog usually focuses on a particular area of interest.
  3. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog, or adding an article to an existing blog is called blogging.
  4. Blogger, at present is the most popular blogging service used today.
  5. A web feed or news feed is a facility that informs you when a website you are interested in has new content.
  6. The program or website that allows you to keep up with the new content from website of your interest is called a feed reader.
  7. Telling the feed reader which sites you want to see, is called subscribing to a website.
  8. Feeds are often known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
  9. A podcast is an audio or video file made available for download on the Internet, usually as a series.
  10. The term ‘podcast’ is a combination of terms iPod and broadcast.
  11. Google Drive is an online file storage service created by Google.
  12. Buyers are the people with money who want to purchase goods or services.
  13. Sellers are the people who offer goods and services to buyers.
  14. Producers are the people who create the products.
  15. E-commerce means transactions conducted electronically or through the Internet.
  16. B2B involves transactions taking place between companies.
  17. B2C refers to transactions between a company and a customer.
  18. C2C refers to e-commerce between consumers or individuals.
  19. Digital Middlemen refers to e-commerce model that provides information about products from many other companies.
  20. Buying and selling products on the Internet is called e-shopping or online shopping.
  21. In recent years, e-commerce has grown exponentially in India. TRUE
  22. Dragging a file from Google Drive to your Desktop won’t download it. TRUE
  23. Children should take their parents’ permission before ordering anything online. TRUE
  24. Name any two blog-publishing services.
    a) WordPress, owned by Automattic.
    b) Blogger, owned by Google.
  25. Name 5 popular feed readers.
    a) Feedly
    b) Feeddemon
    c) My Yahoo Reader
    d) Awasu
    e) Omea Reader
  26. Name the 3 parties in Commerce.
    a) Buyers
    b) Sellers
    c) Producers
  27. Name the 4 kinds of e-commerce models.
    a) B2B (Business to Business)
    b) B2C (Business to Consumer)
    c) C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
    d) Digital Middlemen
  28. Name 3 C2C websites.
  29. Write 2 drawbacks of e-commerce.
    a) Many people are still concerned about data security and the possibility of fraud.
    b) Customers hesitate to buy online because they cannot examine the product physically.

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