Class 4

Managing Files and Folders

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Whatever is stored on your computer is accessible from the icon called Computer.
  2. When you delete a file/folder from computer, it will move to Recycle Bin.
  3. A browser is an application program that provides a way to view and navigate all the web pages on the Internet.
  4. The first page of a website is called home page.
  5. Libraries are collections of stored content of one type.

True or False:

  1. You can have two files by the same name in the same folder. FALSE
  2. You cannot create your own libraries in Windows 7. FALSE
  3. You can change the size and appearance of files and folders using Change your view button. TRUE
  4. The Windows Explorer is a program that helps in viewing and managing files and folders. TRUE
  5. You can give another name to a folder using the Rename option of the context menu. TRUE

Choose the correct option:

  1. You can copy or move a file or folder using the
    a) Organize menu
    b) Context menu
    c) Drag-and-drop method
    d) All of these
  2. In Windows Explorer, you can see the content of text or picture files, without even opening them using
    a) Change your view
    b) Show the preview pane
    c) Both (a) and (b)
    d) None of these
  3. When you delete a file using the Delete key, the file is moved to the
    a) Desktop
    b) Recycle Bin
    c) D: drive
    d) None of these
  4. In Windows Explorer, you can
    a) Create file/folder
    b) Move or copy file/folder
    c) Delete file/folder
    d) All of these
  5. To delete a file, select it and then
    a) Press Delete key
    b) Right-click and click Delete option of context menu
    c) Click Delete option of Organize menu
    d) All of these

Answer the following:

  1. Name the screen that has icons such as Computer and Recycle Bin.
    The Desktop screen has icons such as Computer and Recycle Bin.
  2. What are the three ways of copying or moving a file or a folder?
    The three to copy or move a file or a folder are:
    a) Using the Organize menu
    b) Using the Context menu
    c) Using Drag and Drop.
  3. What are Libraries? Name the four default libraries in Windows 7.
    Libraries are the special folders that store all our content of one type in a single folder.
    The four default libraries in Windows 7 are Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos.
  4. How will you create a new folder ‘Academic Performance’ in Windows Explorer?
    Step 1: In the left pane, we select the drive or folder in which the new folder is to be created.
    Step 2: Then we click the New Folder option.
    Step 3: In the highlighted box, type ‘Academic Performance’ and press Enter.
  5. How will you delete the contents of the Recycle Bin?
    We click on Empty the Recycle Bin option in the Recycle Bin window to delete the contents of the Recycle Bin.

Extra Questions:

  1. Windows is the most commonly used operating system.
  2. The small pictures on the desktop are called icons.
  3. Icons represent a program, a file, or a folder.
  4. The standard desktop icons are Computer, Recycle Bin, Documents, Internet Explorer.
  5. To restore all files from the Recycle Bin, select Restore all items option.
  6. To restore a file from the Recycle Bin, select the Restore this item option.
  7. Internet Explorer is the most widely used web browser.
  8. A website is a list of web pages linked together.
  9. A file is a collection of data or information.
  10. A folder is a location for organizing and storing files.
  11. Windows Explorer is divided into two panes: left pane and right pane.
  12. The left pane of Windows Explorer is also known as the Navigation pane.
  13. A file name can contain up to 255 characters, including spaces.
  14. Copying a file or folder is placing it in another location, without removing it from its original location.
  15. Copying is making a duplicate of a file or a folder in the destination folder.
  16. Renaming is giving a new name to an existing file or folder.
  17. Moving a file or folder is shifting it from original location to another location.
  18. Some icons are standard. TRUE
  19. Internet Explorer comes bundled with the Microsoft Windows operating system. TRUE
  20. The Home Page is also known as Index Page. TRUE
  21. A folder is used to place similar files together. TRUE
  22. Shortcut key to rename a file or folder. F2
  23. Shortcut key to copy. Ctrl + C
  24. Shortcut key to cut. Ctrl + X
  25. Shortcut key to paste. Ctrl + V
  26. Delete a file or folder. Delete
  27. Delete a file or folder permanently. Shift + Delete
  28. What are the points to remember to avoid tampering with documents?
    a) We should not open files created by others without their permission.
    b) We should not show somebody else’s work in our own name to the teacher.
    c) We should not copy content from files created by someone else.
    d) We should not rename files or folders that does not belong to us.
    e) We should not change the location of files or folders that was not created by us.

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