Class 5

Introduction to Scratch

Objective Type Questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

  1. A sprite is a graphic element that can be moved around, shrunk, grown, made to play music, etc.
  2. The stage area shows the output of the program.
  3. There are ten color-coded blocks in Scratch that can be used to create different kinds of programs.
  4. The green flag is used to run the script.
  5. To get out of the Scratch program, click the Exit option of the File menu.

State whether True or False:

  1. Once the sprite is added on to the Stage, you cannot delete it. (FALSE)
  2. You can change the look of a sprite by giving it different costumes. (TRUE)
  3. You can add sound only from the sound library. (FALSE)
  4. You can change the size of the stage. (TRUE)
  5. When you start a new project, by default the Dog sprite is seen at the center of the stage. (FALSE)

Choose the correct option:

  1. It contains the ten blocks drawers, where each drawer contains commands.
    a. Costumes tab
    b. Scripts tab
    c. Sound tab
    d. All of these
  2. To select more than one sprite in the Sprite library, click the:
    a. Ctrl key
    b. Shift key
    c. Alt key
    d. Any one of these
  3. A Scratch project has the extension:
    a. .pptx
    b. .docx
    c. .xlsx
    d. .sb2
  4. To delete a sprite on the stage:
    a. Right-click the sprite and select Delete
    b. Click the Scissor icon and then click the sprite.
    c. Click the File menu and select Delete
    d. Both a and b
  5. The Grow button is used to make the sprite:
    a. Invisible
    b. Visible
    c. Smaller
    d. Bigger

Descriptive Type Questions

Answer the following:

  1. What are the main parts of a Scratch window?
    Following are the main parts of the Scratch window:
    a. Menu bar
    b. Stage
    c. Sprites list
    d. Scripts tab
    e. Costumes tab
    f. Sounds tab
    g. Blocks Drawers
    h. Blocks Palette
    i. Scripts Area
  2. What is the default sprite in Scratch?
    The default sprite in Scratch is the Cat.
  3. How will you add a sprite from the library?
    There are several ways to add a sprite:
    a. Choose a sprite from the library.
    b. Paint a new sprite.
    c. Upload a sprite from file.
    d. Insert a new sprite from camera.
  4. What is a backdrop?
    A backdrop is the background view for the stage.
  5. How will you record a new sound from the Sound Library?
    We can click the icon to open the Sound Library. Then we choose a category from the left. To preview a sound, we click the Play button beside its speaker icon. We can then click on OK to select the sound. We can also add a sound by double-clicking it.

Extra Questions

Shortcut keys:

  1. To delete multiple sprites: Shift key + Delete icon
  2. To undo an action: Ctrl + Z

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The main element in Scratch is a sprite.
  2. The Scratch logo button takes you to the Home page of the Scratch web site.
  3. Clicking the Globe button will open a menu which lists all the languages in which Scratch is available.
  4. Click the Duplicate button, and then click a block or sprite to make a copy of it.
  5. Clicking the Shrink button and then clicking a sprite will make it smaller in size.
  6. The red button is the Stop button that helps you stop a Scratch program.
  7. The Blocks Palette is the place where you find the programming logic for your Scratch project.
  8. The Scripts Area is the place where you stack the blocks to perform an action on the Stage.
  9. By default, the Cat sprite is at the center.

Answer the following Questions:

  1. What is scratch?
    Scratch is a computer programming language meant to teach programming concepts to young students.
  2. What is a program?
    A program is a set of instructions that, when executed by a computer, instructs the computer to perform a specific task.
  3. What do you mean by programming?
    Programming refers to the process of creating a program or code using a programming language, which enables the computer to understand what the programmer wants to do.
  4. What is the task of a programmer?
    A programmer breaks up the solution to a problem that can be solved by a computer, into a sequence of steps and then uses a programming language to write a program that will tell the computer what to do.
  5. What are the image and sound formats supported by Scratch?
    Image formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and animated GIF.
    Sound formats: MP3, WAV, AIF, and AU files.

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