Class 5

Hardware and Software

Objective Type Questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

  1. The physical components of a computer system that we can see and touch are called Hardware.
  2. A Bar code is a unique combination of vertical bars that represents product information.
  3. Magnetic ink character reader is used in banks to read bank cheques.
  4. A Braille printer produces patterns of raised dots.
  5. A Plotter is a printing device used for creating high-quality graphics.

State whether True or False:

  1. A bar code reader is used to scan the bar code on each purchased item. (TRUE)
  2. A smart card reader can read and write data on the card. (TRUE)
  3. An LCD projector is a type of input device. (FALSE)
  4. An operating system is a type of software. (TRUE)
  5. An antivirus program is a utility program. (TRUE)

Choose the correct option:

  1. Which of the following is an input device?
    a. Plotter
    b. Bar code reader
    c. Braille printer
    d. LCD projector
  2. MICR characters can be seen on?
    a. OMR sheets
    b. Bank cheques
    c. Smart cards
    d. None of these
  3. It is capable of reading printed forms used for objective type exams with boxes or circles that can be filled with a dark pencil or ink.
    a. Bar code
    b. Optical character reader
    c. Optical mark reader
    d. None of these
  4. Which of the following is not a kind of system software?
    a. Language translators
    b. Driver
    c. Operating system
    d. Payroll system
  5. Which of the following is not a utility program?
    a. Disk defragmenter
    b. Antivirus
    c. Windows 7
    d. Backup

Descriptive Type Questions

Answer the following:

  1. Write the full form of:
    a. MICR
    b. OMR
    Magnetic Ink Character Reader
    Optical Mark Reader
  2. What is the use of an LCD projector?
    An LCD projector is commonly used for displaying presentations during meetings and conferences.
  3. What is a plotter? What is it commonly used for?
    A plotter is a printing device that is used for creating high-quality graphics, charts, graphs, tables, and diagrams.
    They are commonly used in CAD (Computer-aided Design) and CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing) for printing plans for houses, car parts, machinery, etc.
  4. What do you understand by an operating system? Give two examples.
    An operating system is the master control program that runs the computer.
    Example: Windows and Linux.
  5. Give details of any two utility software.
    Details of any two utility software:
    Antivirus Software: It detects and removes malicious programs from the computer. Examples are McAfee, Quick Heal, and Norton.
    Compression Software: It is used to compress a large file so that it takes less space for storage and can be easily transferred over a network. Examples are WinZip and WinRar.

Extra Questions

Full Forms:

  1. OCR – Optical Character Reader
  2. LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

Answer The Following Questions:

  1. What are the two main components of a computer system?
    Hardware and Software are the two main components of a computer system.
  2. What are Input Devices?
    Input devices accept input from the user and convert it into a form that the computer can understand. Examples are bar code readers, magnetic ink character readers, optical character readers and card readers.
  3. What are bar codes?
    A bar code is a unique combination of vertical bars that represent product information such as price and place of manufacture.
  4. What is a bar code reader?
    The cashier uses a bar code reader to scan the bar code on each purchased item, which is entered as input into the computer.
  5. What are QR Codes?
    QR codes are a new style of bar codes. They are square in shape. They can store enormous data. Smartphones are able to scan and read QR codes.
  6. What is an Optical Character Reader?
    OCR is a device used to enter printed or handwritten text as input into a computer.
  7. What are Card Readers?
    Card Readers are used for reading information stored on cards, such as magnetic strip cards and smart cards.
  8. What are smart cards?
    Smart cards look like magnetic strip cards, but contain a small chip instead of a magnetic strip.
  9. What are output devices?
    Output devices convey information from the computer to the user. Examples are LCD projectors, Braille printers, and plotters.
  10. What is a Braille Printer?
    A Braille Printer or embosser produces Braille printouts of computer files.
  11. Name the four types of plotters.
    Following are the four types of plotters:
    a. Drum plotters
    b. Micrographic plotters
    c. Inkjet plotters
    d. Flatbed plotters
  12. What is a software?
    The term software refers to the computer programs that are needed for running or operating a computer system.
  13. What is a program?
    A program is a sequence of step-by-step instructions to perform a particular task.
  14. What is a system software?
    System software refers to programs designed to control the operation of a computer system.
  15. What is a device driver?
    A device driver is a computer program that enables a computer to interact with a hardware device such as a printer or a pen drive.
  16. What are language translators?
    Language translators are programs that translate a computer language program into a machine language program.
  17. What is a utility software?
    A utility software is a program designed to do maintenance work on the system or on system components.
  18. What is a backup software?
    Backup software is used to create a copy of the data in a hard disk, CD, DVD, or any other storage device.
  19. What is a disk defragmenter?
    A disk defragmenter scans the hard disk for fragmented files and stores them at one place.
  20. What is an application software?
    Application software is designed to help users do specific work on the computer.
  21. What is a general-purpose software?
    General-purpose software is a class of application software which is designed to carry out a broad range of interrelated tasks to help a common user. Examples include Word 2013, MySQL, Oracle.
  22. What is a customized application software?
    Customized application software is tailor-made, designed to meet specific user requirements. Examples include hotel management system, reservation system, payroll system.
  23. What is a scanning program (disk checker)?
    A scanning program is a utility program used to check and correct errors on the hard disk.
  24. How can we access the Windows built-in scanning program?
    Following are the steps to access Windows built-in scanning program:
    Step 1: Double-click the Computer icon on the desktop.
    Step 2: Select the drive to be scanned.
    Step 3: Right-click on it and select Properties.
    Step 4: Select the Tools tab.
    Step 5: Click the Check now button.
    Step 6: Click Start.
  25. What are the steps to defragment a disk on a Windows computer?
    Step 1: Double-click the Computer icon on the desktop.
    Step 2: Select the drive to be defragmented.
    Step 3: Right-click on it and select Properties.
    Step 4: Select the Tools tab.
    Step 5: Click the Defragment now button.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Magnetic Ink is a special ink that contains magnetic particles of iron oxide.
  2. Gift cards are examples of magnetic strip cards.
  3. Smart cards store more data than magnetic strip cards.
  4. OMR is commonly used for checking answer sheets of objective-type exams.
  5. Computer hardware is useless without software.
  6. The computer language program is called the source code.
  7. The machine language program is called the object code.
  8. A disk checker marks the defective sectors as bad sectors.
  9. Cheques usually have the cheque number, bank code, and branch code printed in magnetic ink.
  10. Plotters use ink pens or ink jets to create graphics on paper or polyester form.
  11. When the computer is switched on, the operating system is the first program that gets loaded in its memory.
  12. WordPad and Word 2013 are word processors.
  13. PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation software.
  14. Access 2013, MySQL and Oracle are Database Management Systems.
  15. Tally is an accounting software.
  16. Excel 2013 is a spreadsheet software.
  17. You can press Ctrl key to select more than one disk for disk defragmentation.
  18. The Analyze disk button checks whether the disk(s) need to be defragmented or not.

State whether True or False:

  1. A smart card reader can read and write data on the card. (TRUE)
  2. Petrol companies, departmental stores and satellite television companies use smart cards. (TRUE)
  3. Mac OS is a popular operating system. (TRUE)
  4. Exposure to magnetic fields, physical damage, and contact with certain liquids can destroy the information on the card. (TRUE)
  5. Magnetic ink characters are difficult to forge. (TRUE)
  6. Malicious programs are harmful programs. (TRUE)
  7. Payroll system keeps records of employee’s salary. (TRUE)
  8. Inventory management system keeps a record of items. (TRUE)
  9. Weather forecasting system forecasts weather on the basis of collected data. (TRUE)
  10. We can continue using our PC while the disk defragmenter is running. (TRUE)

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