Class 6

File Management – Organisation of Data

Objective Type Questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

  1. We can move a file from one storage device to another.
  2. File management enables us to organise data better.
  3. You can search files from the Start menu.
  4. Different types of files can be stored in the computer.
  5. A word document has .docx extension.

State whether True or False:

  1. We can copy a file from one drive to another. (TRUE)
  2. We cannot move a folder from one storage device to another. (FALSE)
  3. You can play a music file using Windows Media Player. (TRUE)
  4. Every file stored on a computer has the same extension. (FALSE)
  5. A file extension consists of only two characters. (FALSE)

Choose the correct option:

  1. An Excel file has extension:
    a. .xls
    b. .xlsx
    c. a or b
    d. None of these
  2. Which of the following can be the extension of an image file?
    a. .jpg
    b. .gif
    c. .png
    d. Any one of the above
  3. ________ are special symbols that can be used to search a file or folder.
    a. Wildcards
    b. Symbol
    c. Alphabets
    d. Numbers
  4. Which of the following is used to replace a string of text in a search term?
    a. ?
    b. %
    c. *
    d. None of these
  5. We can sort files by:
    a. Type
    b. Name
    c. Size
    d. All of these

Descriptive Type Questions

Answer the following:

  1. Name the two symbols that can be used as wildcard characters.
    Following are the two symbols that are used as wildcard characters:
    a. *
    b. ?
  2. In how many ways can we sort files in Windows 7?
    We can sort files in four ways in Windows 7:
    a. By type
    b. By name
    c. By date (created or modified)
    d. By size
  3. Can we combine wildcard characters ? and *? Give one example.
    Yes, we can combine the wildcard characters ? and *.
    Example: img*.???
  4. Mention two extensions of audio and video files.
    Two extensions of audio files: .mp3 and .wav.
    Two extensions of video files: .mp4 and .avi.
  5. How many letters are there in a file extension?
    There are 3 or 4 letters in a file extension.

Extra Questions

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Any picture, document, or presentation created on a computer is called a file.
  2. A hard disk can be divided into different partitions called drives.
  3. Every filename is followed by a period and then the file extension.
  4. The wildcard character ? can be used in place of a single letter or symbol in a search term.
  5. File extensions can be used to identify the file type.

State whether True or False:

  1. We can work on more than one application at the same time. (TRUE)

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