ICSE Class 8 Computers

Mid Term

Chapter 1: Operating System and Graphical User Interface
Chapter 2: Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013
Chapter 4: Algorithms and Flowcharts
Chapter 5: Introduction to Java


Object Oriented Programming
Starting BlueJ
Data Types
Literals and Variables
Classes and Methods in Java
Operators(Excluding Logical Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators)
Control Statements in Java(Excluding if-else-if Statement and switch Statement)
Looping Statement(Excluded)
Include INPUT of all Data Types in Java
Includes Math functions – Math.sqrt(), Math.pow()

Final Term

Chapter 3: Charts in Excel 2013
Chapter 6: App Development
Chapter 7: Networks


Counters , Accumulators
Selection Statements:
if-else-if ladder (excluded)
switch (excluded)
Logical Operators
Increment and Decrement Operators
Looping Statements:
for Loop included
while loop (excluded)
do-while loop (excluded)
First Term Java syllabus is included.

Java Question Tags