Class 7

Class 7 Computers Half Yearly 2018

Section A [40 Marks]

Q1. Fill in the blanks:
i) Speakers send information from the computer to user and allow them to hear sound.
ii) A/an SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) is used to supply the electric current to all parts of a computer.
iii) Hacking is unauthorized access to a computer and/or network resources.
iv) Phishing is the Internet fraud that aims to trick people into revealing sensitive information like their credit card number and passwords.
v) An unsolicited, unwanted email is called spam mail.
vi) The Formula bar displays the data or formula used in a selected cell.
vii) A range is a rectangular block of contiguous cells.
viii) An unordered list is one in which the order of items is not fixed.
ix) In the <li> tag, LI stands for List Item.
x) A worksheet is a page containing a grid of cells made up of rows and columns.

Q2. a) Choose the correct option:
i) By default, which of the following buttons are available on the Quick Access toolbar?
A) Save
B) Undo
C) Redo
D) All of these
ii) Excel files are called?
A) Worksheets
B) Workbooks
C) Sheets
D) None of these
iii) Find the odd one out:
A) Monitor
B) Speaker
C) Microphone
D) Printer
iv) A workbook in Excel 2013 by default shows how many worksheets?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
v) You should take parent’s permission:
A) to share your password.
B) to buy anything online.
C) to post personal videos or photos.
D) All of these.

b) Name the following:
i) Online communication platform used for interaction. (Social Media)
ii) This is a hardware that connects a computer to a communication line. (Modem)
iii) This refers to act of using other’s idea and works without proper rights or without acknowledging the source of information. (Plagiarism)
iv) This defines a list of items in which the order of items matter. (Ordered List)
v) The HTML tag used to insert an image. (<img> tag)

Q3. a) State whether the following statements are True or False:
i) You can use online information in your assignments or project. (True)
ii) Cookies are the small storage of data that keeps a log of your online activity and reports it back to the host. (False)
iii) The output that you get on the monitor is called hard copy. (False)
iv) The default alignment of an image is right. (False)
v) To move to a cell below the active cell, press the ENTER key. (True)

b) Give the full form for the following:
i) JPEG – Joint Photographic Expert Group
ii) SMPS – Switched Mode Power Supply
iii) AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port
iv) VDU – Visual Display Unit
v) COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Q4. Answer the following questions:
i) What is the difference between a printer and a scanner?
a) A printer is an output device, whereas a scanner is an input device.
b) A printer produces a printed copy of the data, whereas a scanner stores printed copy as a file.
ii) What is social media? Give 2 examples.
Social Media is an online communication platform used for interaction, content sharing, etc.
Two examples: Facebook and Twitter.
iii) What information is displayed on the Formula Bar?
The Formula bar displays the data or formula stored in the active cell.
iv) What are the following attributes of the <img> tag used for?
a) ALT – to add alternate text for the image.
b) BORDER – to add image border in pixels.
v) Write any two precautions you should take while sending an email.
a) Don’t send messages that can make you feel uncomfortable.
b) Discuss with your parents/teachers before sending an email.

Section B [40 Marks]

Q5. a) Write a program to input three sides of a triangle and check and display whether it is equilateral, isosceles or scalene triangle.

10 INPUT "A = "; A
20 INPUT "B = "; B
30 INPUT "C = "; C
40 IF A = B AND B = C THEN PRINT "Equilateral Triangle"
50 IF (A = B AND B <> C) OR (B = C AND C <> A) OR (C = A AND A <> B) THEN PRINT "Isosceles Triangle"
60 IF A <> B AND B <> C AND C <> A THEN PRINT "Scalene Triangle"
70 END

b) Write the syntax of FOR NEXT loop with STEP. Also give an example.


FOR <variable> = <start> TO <end> STEP <value>
<loop body>
NEXT <variable>


10 FOR I = 1 TO 10 STEP 1

Q6. a) Write a program to input name, age and salary of a person. Calculate and display the Insurance Premium with the name as follows:

Age (Years)              Premium (% of Salary)
25 - 40 10
41 - 50 12
51 and above 14
10 INPUT "Enter name"; N$
20 INPUT "Enter age"; A
30 INPUT "Enter salary";S
40 IF A >= 25 AND A <= 40 THEN P = 10
50 IF A >= 41 AND A <= 50 THEN P = 12
60 IF A >= 51 THEN P = 14
70 LET PR = P / 100 * S
80 PRINT "Insurance Premium = "; PR
90 END

b) Correct the errors in the following program code:
10 FOR I = 1 – 20 STEP 20
20 PRINT “I”
50 END

10 FOR I = 1 TO 20 STEP 2
40 END

Q7. a) Write a program to input the number of days and convert it into years, months and days.

10 INPUT "Number of days"; D
20 LET Y = D / 365
30 LET D = D % 365
40 LET M = M / 30
50 LET D = D % 30
60 PRINT Y; " years "; M; " months and "; D; " days"
70 END

b) Write the use of the following functions with an example for each:
i) SGN(): This function is used to check whether a given number is positive, negative or zero. It returns -1 for negative numbers, 1 for positive numbers, and zero for zero. Example: PRINT SGN(-45)
ii) ABS(): This function is used to find the absolute value of a given number. Example: PRINT ABS(-30)
iii) MOD: This is used to find the remainder after dividing two numbers. Example: PRINT 7 MOD 3

Q8. a) Write a program to store the number 789 in a variable and display the reverse of it. [Hint: Reverse is 987].

10 LET N = 789
20 LET R = 0
30 LET D = N MOD 10
40 LET R = R * 10 + D
50 LET N = INT(N / 10)
60 LET D = N MOD 10
70 LET R = R * 10 + D
80 LET N = INT(N / 10)
90 LET R = R * 10 + N
100 PRINT "Reverse: "; R
110 END

b) Give the output for the following:
10 FOR Z = 1 TO 3
20 PRINT Z ^ 2 – 1
40 END


Q9. a) Write a program to display the series:
1 / 1, 1 / 3, 1 / 5, 1 / 7, … 1 / N

10 INPUT "N = "; N
20 FOR I = 1 TO N STEP 2
30 LET S = S + 1 / I
50 PRINT "Sum of the series = "; S
60 END

b) Explain the use of MOD function in BASIC with a suitable example.
The MOD function is used to find the remainder after dividing two numbers.
Example: PRINT 7 MOD 3

Q10. a) Write a program to enter N numbers and display the square root of them.

10 INPUT "N = "; N
20 FOR I = 1 TO N STEP 1
30 INPUT "Enter the number"; NUM
60 END

b) Explain the use of counters in BASIC with a proper example.
Counters are special variables in BASIC that allows us to count any even in the program.
Example: To input 10 numbers and count how many of them are even.
10 FOR I = 1 TO 10 STEP 1
20 INPUT “N = “; N
30 IF N MOD 2 = 0 THEN C = C + 1
60 END

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