ISC Class 12 Computer Science

Year 2021 Practical Paper

Fascinating Number Program

Year 2020 Theory Paper

Full Question Paper Solved Year 2020

Year 2020 Practical Programs

Prime Adam Number Program

Octal to Decimal Conversion Program

Arrange Words Length-wise Program

Year 2019 Theory Paper

Full Question Paper Solved Year 2019

Year 2019 Practical Programs

Generate Date Program

Array Format Program

Generate Palindrome Words

Year 2018 Theory Programs

Full Question Paper Solved Year 2018

Year 2018 Practical Programs

Goldbach Number Program

Sorting Two-Dimensional Matrix Program

Vertical Banner Program

Year 2017 Theory Programs

Palindrome using Recursion Program

Adder Program

Swap Sort Program

Product Sales Inheritance Program

Queue Program on Array

Year 2017 Practical Programs

Cartons Program

Quiz Program

Caesar Cipher Program

Year 2016 Theory Programs

Disarium Number Recursive Program

Shift Matrix Shuffle Program

ConsChange Program

Bank Account Inheritance Program

Bookshelf Stack Program

Year 2016 Practical Programs

Circular Prime Program

Sort Non-boundary Matrix Elements Program

Words Beginning and Ending with Vowels Program

Year 2015 Theory Programs

Admission Recursive Binary Search Program

Merger Class Concatenation Program

TheString Frequency Program

WordPile Stack Program

Plane Circle Inheritance Program

Year 2015 Practical Programs

Smallest Integer Program

Rotate Matrix 90 Degrees Program

Vowels and Consonants Per Word Program

Year 2014 Theory Programs

Merging Sorted Arrays Program

Series Sum Program

Fibonacci Strings Program

Stock Purchase Inheritance Program

Array to Stack Program

Year 2014 Practical Programs

Composite Magic Program

Symmetric Matrix Program

Deleting Word from String Program

Year 2013 Theory Programs

Emirp Number Program

Exchange Alphabets Program

Matrix Difference Program

Perimeter Area Inheritance Program

Dequeue Queue Program

Year 2013 Practical Programs

ISBN Code Program

Mirror Image Matrix Program

Palindrome Words Program

Year 2012 Theory Programs

Combine Array Program

Vowel Word Program

Happy Number Program

Link Queue Program

Detail Bill Inheritance Program

Year 2012 Practical Programs

Prime Palindrome Program

Arrange Words Alphabetically Program

Sort Matrix Elements Program

Year 2011 Theory Programs

Frequency of “And” and “An” Program

Decimal to Octal Conversion Program

Pseudo Arithmetic Sequence Program

Record Rank Inheritance Program

Stack Program Storing Names

Year 2011 Practical Programs

Number to Words Conversion Program

Encryption of Sentences Program

Date of Birth Program

Year 2009 Theory Programs

Magic Number Program

Year 2008 Theory Programs

Special Number Program

Year 2007 Theory Programs

Triangular Number Program