Class 8

App Development

Objective Type Questions

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

  1. A/an app is a software that allows you to perform specific tasks on a mobile device.
  2. Native apps run faster than web apps.
  3. Web apps are less expensive than native apps.
  4. Online banking app is an example of hybrid app.
  5. The most commonly used protocol in client-server model is HTTP.

B. Write T for the true statement and F for the false one. Correct the false statement(s).

  1. The platform programming language used in Windows Mobile is Java. (F) (Visual C++ is the platform programming language for Windows Mobile)
  2. A hybrid app has features of both native and web apps. (T)
  3. You can download apps for your apple mobile from Google Play store. (F) (Apple mobile apps are downloaded from Apple App Store)
  4. The Facebook app is most commonly used for connecting people. (T)
  5. Web apps run faster than native apps. (F) (Native apps run faster than web apps)

C. Choose the correct option.

  1. Which one is not a social media app?
    a) Facebook
    b) Twitter
    c) WhatsApp
    d) Internet Explorer
  2. Which app is used for watching video?
    a) Skype
    b) Google Duo
    c) YouTube
    d) None of these
  3. Which one is not an e-commerce website?
    a) Amazon
    b) Google Maps
    c) FoodPanda
    d) Uber
  4. This app is designed for a particular platform or device or operating system.
    a) Native
    b) Web
    c) Mobile
    d) All of these
  5. The application store of Android is called:
    a) App store
    b) Google Play store
    c) BlackBerry App World
    d) Windows Phone Store

D. Answer the following.

  1. What are the different categories of applications?
    a) Social Media and Communication (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Google Duo)
    b) Games (Candy Crush, Temple Run)
    c) Entertainment (YouTube)
    d) Information (Google Maps)
    e) Finance (Mobile banking apps)
    f) E-Commerce (Amazon, Flipkart, FoodPanda, Uber)
  2. Mention the name of any five popular mobile apps.
    a) Facebook
    b) YouTube
    c) Instagram
    d) Google Maps
    e) Gmail
  3. Name any three popular mobile platforms and their programming languages.
    a) Android – Java
    b) iOS – C, Objective C
    c) Windows Mobile – Visual C++
  4. Compare and contrast between the three types of Apps.
    a) Native and Hybrid apps are platform dependent. Web apps are platform independent.
    b) Native and Hybrid apps are downloaded from an App store. Web apps are accessed from a web browser.
    c) Native and Hybrid apps are faster than the Web apps.
  5. What is meant by the Client-Server model?
    In a client-server model, the application or the browser on the mobile device is the client. A server is the program that manages all processes and stores all the data. The client sends a request to the server using HTTP protocol. The server responds back to the client using HTTP protocol.

Extra Questions

Full Forms:

  1. API – Application Programming Interface
  2. App – Application
  3. HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  4. QR – Quick Response
  5. RIM – Research In Motion

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The iOS platform is distributed by Apple for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices.
  2. Android is a Linux-based platform and is owned by Google.
  3. BlackBerry platform is used on RIM devices.
  4. The Apple App store was launched in July 2008.
  5. Web apps are usually written in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  6. Candy Crush is a gaming app, which is an example of a Hybrid App.
  7. When two programs are communicating, they have to follow some rules called protocol.
  8. The appinventor is a free web development software from MIT.
  9. The file extension for the App created in appinventor is .apk.
  10. Click the Build button in appinventor to compile and generate the executable file.

True or False:

  1. BlackBerry is considered as one of the earliest platforms for smartphones. (TRUE)
  2. BlackBerry platform uses the Java programming language. (TRUE)
  3. The appinventor software needs you to have an account on Google. (TRUE)

Answer the following:

  1. Name some popular desktop applications.
    Notepad, Paint, MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Solitaire, Halo, etc.
  2. Write a few advantages of Native Apps.
    a) High speed.
    b) High reliability.
    c) Need to be downloaded only once.
    d) Runs on the operating system.
    e) Has access to the platform APIs.
  3. Write some disadvantages of Native Apps.
    a) Developers need to have a good knowledge of the platform and the language.
    b) Platform dependent.
    c) Expensive.
  4. Write some advantages of Web Apps.
    a) Platform independence.
    b) One programming code works for all platforms.
    c) Low development cost.
  5. Write some disadvantages of Web Apps.
    a) Low performance.
    b) Can’t work without a network connection.
    c) Unavailable in app stores.
    d) Has no app icon on the device.
  6. Name any three app development software.
    a) appinventor
    b) mobincube
    c) unity3d
  7. What is an API?
    An API is a code that allows a developer to request services for using camera, audio, video, etc. from an operating system.
  8. Name the four different panes in the Designer window of appinventor.
    a) Palette
    b) Viewer
    c) Components
    d) Properties
  9. What are the two options to install app in a mobile device from appinventor?
    a) App (provide QR code for .apk)
    b) App (save .apk to my computer)

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